Manchester United: Erik ten Hag and Harry Maguire win November Premier League awards

Manchester United: Erik ten Hag and Harry Maguire win November Premier League awards

Manchester United have had a successful month of November, with manager Eric ten Hag and defender Harry Maguire both receiving prestigious Premier League awards.

Eric Ten Hag named Manager of the Month

Eric Ten Hag, who took over as Manchester United manager in the summer, has had a significant impact on the team’s performance. Under his guidance, the club went on an unbeaten run in November, winning all four of their Premier League matches.

Ten Hag’s tactical understanding and ability to motivate players have been major factors in Manchester United’s recent success. He has implemented an attacking style of play that brings out the best in the team’s attacking players, resulting in an impressive goalscoring record.

Upon receiving the Manager of the Month award, Ten Hag expressed his gratitude towards his players and coaching staff. He stressed the importance of teamwork and appreciated the dedication and hard work of the players.

Harry Maguire was named Player of the Month

Manchester United captain and central defender Harry Maguire has been in exceptional form throughout November. His impressive presence at the back has helped the team maintain a solid defensive record, allowing only two goals in four matches.

Maguire’s leadership skills and defensive prowess have played a key role in Manchester United’s recent success. He has been a rock in defense, making vital tackles, interceptions, and aerial duels to keep opposition attackers at bay.

While receiving the Player of the Month award, Maguire expressed his gratitude to his teammates and coaching staff. He credited their support and teamwork for his success and highlighted the importance of collective effort in achieving team goals.

Manchester United’s promising future

The recognition of both Eric Ten Hag and Harry Maguire highlights the positive direction in which Manchester United is moving. With the tactical genius of Ten Hag and the defensive ability of Maguire, the team showed tremendous potential for the remainder of the season.

Manchester United’s strong performances in November have taken them to the top of the Premier League table and the team looks set to challenge for the title this season. The players’ confidence is high and there is a sense of unity and determination in the team.

As the season progresses, Manchester United fans can expect exciting matches and continued success under the guidance of Eric Ten Hag. The manager’s emphasis on attacking football and his ability to get the best out of his players bodes well for the future of the team.

Harry Maguire’s consistent performances and leadership qualities provide stability at the back, ensuring that Manchester United will remain a strong force in the Premier League.


The recognition of Eric ten Hag and Harry Maguire as Manager and Player of the Month respectively is a testament to Manchester United’s impressive performances in November. The team’s unbeaten performance, attacking style, and solid defensive record show their potential for success this season.

With Eric Ten Hag leading the team from the sidelines and Harry Maguire leading the defense, Manchester United look set to continue their strong form and challenge for silverware in the coming months.

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