Extraordinary Women in the Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards

Recognizing Extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023

The Greater Bay Area awarded is renowned for its thriving business ecosystem and innovative spirit. It is the abode of numerous remarkable women who have made significant contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape of the region. To recognize their outstanding achievements, the 2023 Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards ceremony was held to honor these exceptional women.

Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship

The Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards is a yearly event that honors the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area. The awards seek to acknowledge the efforts, commitment, and creativity of women who have effectively established and managed their businesses. These women serve as a source of inspiration for those who aspire to become entrepreneurs and play a crucial role in boosting economic growth and empowerment in the region.

Highlighting the Winners

The awards ceremony in 2023 recognized the impressive achievements of several female entrepreneurs. One of the winners was Jane Thompson, who is the founder and CEO of a thriving technology startup. Jane’s company has transformed the way people engage with technology, and her exceptional leadership has propelled the company to new heights.

During the event, Sarah Johnson, an outstanding entrepreneur, was honored for her remarkable contributions to the healthcare industry. Sarah’s innovative healthcare solutions have not only improved patient outcomes but have also transformed the way healthcare providers deliver care. Her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others has earned her well-deserved recognition.

The awards recognized women entrepreneurs in finance, education, and sustainability who demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and resilience.

The Importance of Women’s Empowerment

The Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs while highlighting the importance of women’s empowerment in the business world. Although there has been progress in recent years, women still face significant challenges in the entrepreneurial space, such as limited access to funding, networking opportunities, and mentorship.

The awards showcase the success stories of women entrepreneurs to inspire and encourage other women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. They serve as a reminder that with determination, hard work, and support, women can overcome barriers and achieve remarkable success in their chosen fields.

Driving Economic Growth and Innovation

It is vital to acknowledge the important role of women entrepreneurs in driving economic growth and fostering innovation in the Greater Bay Area. Their businesses not only create jobs but also stimulate local economies and contribute to developing new products and services. By recognizing and supporting women entrepreneurs, we can harness their potential to further fuel the region’s economic prosperity.

The Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards serve as a platform to showcase the achievements of exceptional women and encourage collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs. The event provides a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their experiences, learn from each other, and form valuable connections that can fuel future growth and success.

GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 – Winners’ List

Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award – Supreme Honorable Winner, GBA 2023

  1. Chiang Lai-yuen, Jp – Onwer of Chen Hsong Holdings Limited

Winners of the GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards

1. Cheng Shuk Fong Wing Yip International Limited
2. Cheng Shuk Lai Wing Yip International Limited
3. Ching Mei Corona Cheung 3 Wells Watch Industries Ltd
4. Irene Cheung 3D-Gold Jewellery (HK) Ltd
5. Maggie Cheung SA Project Limited
6. Chhoa Peck Lim Bella Sino Land Company Limited
7. Chiang Mei Ling Oi Ling Gallery
8. Choi Kwan Li D&G Technology Holding Company Limited
9. Lisa Hooi Golden Cosmetic & Beauty Limited
10. Crystal Hui Global Life Immigration (HK) Limited
11. Diana Suk Ching Kong Oscars Limousine Limited
12. Tina Kwan Farm House Catering (Holdings) Limited
13. Lisa Lau Ah Yat Abalone Princess (HK) Limited
14. Judy Lau Global Cosmetics (HK) Company Limited
15. Angela Lee The Skin Oracle
16. Li Suet Ying Unity Regal Group Company
17. Dr Anessa Liu Huanming MediLink Biotech (Hong Kong) Limited
18. Ma Yu Day Karkal Limited
19. Hung Hung Virginia Ng Abus Hardware (Hong Kong) Limited
20. Rita Pang See Change Education
21. Gloria Slethaug Greater Bay Airlines
22. Tong Mo Ching Giormani
23. Kitty Wong Kit Yin MCM International Company Limited
24. Jiaxia Zhu Shenzhen Pimo Technology Company Limited
GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award in Family Business
1. Minna Ng Ajisen Hong Kong Limited
GBA Outstanding Young Women Entrepreneur Award
1. Corina Man Ngo Cheng Simply Mask Limited
2. Nim Ling Lam Loverstarfish30
3. Genevieve Yuen DLT Global Immigration
GBA Outstanding Caring Women Entrepreneur Award
1. Jessica Chan AusCode Worldwide Limited
2. Helen Chu Heligear Engineering (HK) Consulting
3. Kwan Mei Shui Michelle Master fire Internatinal Consulting
4. Ng Nai Nar Asia Cassava Resources Holdings Limited
5. Vicky Wong The Hong Kong Ballet Group


The Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards of 2023 celebrated the remarkable achievements of women entrepreneurs in the Greater Bay Area. These exceptional women have shown outstanding leadership, innovation, and resilience in their respective industries. By acknowledging and supporting women entrepreneurs, we can create a more inclusive and dynamic business ecosystem that drives economic growth and encourages innovation in the region.

As we celebrate these exceptional women, let us continue to empower and inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Their voices must be heard, and their contributions recognized.

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